Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakes.

Carl Jung

I’m Juan Gonzalez, Jr.

Heroes Coach and Guide

Bring awareness to what’s holding you back

Connect with yourself on deeper level

Rediscover the hero inside to create empowering alignment with your passion and purpose

Let’s Take the Journey Together to Find Your Own Hero Waiting Inside…

Are you struggling with finding clarity in your life? When you look at your life, do you see yourself as the hero of your story? Or do you feel like you’re in a supporting role where you put others first before even considering yourself? Maybe you’re always waiting for someone else to be the hero that will change you life? If this is the case, then the narrative you’re choosing to follow isn’t one that is empowering you to live a life more true to yourself.

When will it be time for you to put yourself first? Will you choose to awaken the slumbering hero inside of you? If you hear the calling to become more, then you’re in the right place. With patience, consistency, commitment, and heart-centered trust in your journey, you can meet the person you truly want to be.

I’ll be there with you along the way as your guide to release the old narrative and Rediscover the narrative that you will create with a stronger foundation to show not only the world, but yourself that you have always been the hero in your life.

Here’s a Little of What Heroes Coaching is About

What Is Your Hero Like?

Let’s work together to help you build the hero you want to be! If you don’t have a clear picture, that is totally ok! Having clarity isn’t a prerequisite.

Identify Your Challenges

We will work toward identifying your challenges that present themselves as you move toward claiming the hero within.

Overcome Your Challenges

Once the challenges have been identified, we begin the process to brainstorm on how you can overcome them in your own unique way.

Shed Light on Your Narrative

The challenges you confront will shed some light on the narrative that is limiting yourself from becoming the hero. This is good thing!

Begin to Reshape Your Narrative

Now that we know the limiting narrative, we can then work with reshaping a narrative that is more aligned with who you want to be.

Reclaim the Hero Within

With awareness, auditing your journey, accountability and more, you’ll begin bringing forward the hero within, the true version of you.

About Juan

Hello, I’m Juan Gonzalez, Jr. As a child growing up in an unstable home without proper guidance, I went through life meandering and living it through many patterns, beliefs and behaviors that were learned by my surrounding environment. With limiting beliefs and little guidance, I was lost most of my life. Throughout my childhood and up to this point, what really resonated with me and helped strengthen me in my times of need were the stories of heroes and the idea of the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. This idea was introduced to me by my 9th English teacher who was an important lamp post in the timeline of my life.

As I continued through adulthood, I felt like I was still reaching out in the darkness and stumbling over whatever was in front of me. I experienced depression, anxiety, thoughts of hopelessness, loss of confidence, lack of clarity and withdrew from the world. With each experience in the dark and with each stumble, I gained perspective and started to learn more about myself. I started to have individuals that came into my life that were guiding lamp posts, which helped guide me through times of darkness just like my English teacher did. 

My true Hero’s Journey didn’t pick up momentum until my sister’s passing back in 2010. Her death was the catalyst, which sent me on a spiritual journey of unlearning who I was and Rediscover the true hero who I only had glimpses of in the past. During this time, I was married with five children who I adore. Five years later, the Universe would again ask of me to become more, so my journey continued even further to develop myself with more depth. I underwent divorce, moved away from my children, became more comfortable with myself in terms of how I viewed myself, dove into spirituality where I developed my intuition, inner wisdom, discernment and opened my heart in ways I never would have imagined, and I started my alignment toward living more authentically. I became more aware of my outer reality and it’s correlation to how it is impacted by my inner reality.

In order to tap into the true hero of my story, I needed to first release the identity of who I was based on others’ perspective to then begin living my true identity as my authentic self. Through my unlearning of who I thought I was, I began to Rediscover who I’ve always been. And through my loss, my suffering, my struggles and pain, I decided I wanted to use what I have learned to be that guiding lamp post for those who hear the calling of their inner hero from the depths of the heart. This is my passion and purpose, which I would love to share with those ready to answer their calling.

Juan Gonzalez, Jr. is a Jay Shetty Certification School Graduate